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…yep and it is gonna keep spinning - please donate to FCPE so we can get elected those that support the public sector…check this out…and here is a copy of the Daine Ravitch blog..

We hear the same refrain across the nation: public sector pensions are destroying our economy. The modest pensions paid to teachers, police officers, firefighters, and social workers are a threat to our future.

Matt Taibbi examined these claims in this article in Rolling Stone. Read it and weep or rage or get active to stop the zillionaire’s from looting the hard-earned pensions of public sector employees.

Read David Sirota’s report “The Plot Against Pensions.”

Read David Sirota’s exposé of the PBS deal to take $3.5 million from Arnold for a series about the “pension crisis.”

Read about PBS’ decision to return Arnold’s money.

Read about David Sirota’s discovery that the Arnold Foundation underwrote a Brookings report on public pensions.

The puzzle: why would a multi-billionaire devote so much effort to stripping people of modest pensions that they earned for working 25-30 or more years? What is it that he finds so troubling about a man or woman receiving $40,000, 50,000, or 60,000 a year in retirement? Would he prefer penury for pensioners?”


spring social

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hey everyone – so wanted to allow you time to put this on your calendar – your exec team would like to have a spring social…we have set this day for May 16th – the venue is yet to be determined…please make every effort to attend – there will be a some business conducted – IE some updates before we all get set to leave for summer…we also may have a candidate there that is Education friendly – this candidate is doing a listening tour around the area – so please make every effort to come…PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR – and the venue will be sent with in the week..beverages are on you – lite eats on NHEA – this is in lieu of the after graduation get together in previous years.

also check out this document…again – please DONATE to FCPE – CHECK OUT THIS LINK  TO RECENT ARTICLES ABOUT HOW CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE A DRAIN ON EDUCATION IN OHIO…ALSO SCROLL DOWN TO THE BELOW POSTS FOR MORE INFO…AND IN ANOTHER REALM OF BAT$#@& CRAZY – there was also a STATE school board member recently that was quoted as saying all public schools should be privatized and that public schools were a form of socialism  - AND YES he makes decisions about your livelihood – not kidding…SPEAKING of BATS – go on FB and check out the OHIO BATS – stands for BAD A@@ TEACHERS…PAY ATTENTION AND GET INVOLVED!



welcome back…

…and not to  make your blood boil a bit just after vacation - but here is a link to a good series about the impact of charter schools on YOUR profession and how they are pulling money out of public schools – this is a series being done by the Akron Beacon Journal and Youngstown State University…you can find the other articles from this one…here is a quote from Bill Phillips – ”

“Local school officials and the general public should request the State Board of Education and State School Superintendent to do further research into this transportation debacle and report the findings to the Governor and 130th General Assembly. The Ohio Department of Education is bound by the Constitution and Ohio Revised Code to exert leadership in school finance matters. How long will the public tolerate state officials that enact laws which punish the public common school system and reward the failing charter school industry?”

So if this does concern you (AND IT SHOULD BY THE WAY) – PLEASE REMEMBER TO DONATE TO FCPE = you can find a link to the left.

FCPE 11 logo single - May 2011


big thanks to LV

FCPE 11 logo single - May 2011

take a look at this email – this is awesome!!


‘Whoo Hoo! Ledgeview’s FCPE Drive is DONE! We had 21 participants, which is a HUGE percentage of our staff, (only missed about 4 people) and we contributed OVER $467.00 (one member participated online, and I don’t know how much she contributed.)

Big Thanks to Janis Roskoph for all the organizing efforts – CAN THE REST OF THE BUILDINGS OUT THERE GET IT DONE IN THE SAME WAY…??



special thanks…

wanted to give a shout out to those that helped on Sat at the community expo…

many thanks to Crystal D, Nicole O, Sharon B, Kristina S, Lisa B, Sarah P, Erin M, Michelle B,  Vanessa D, and a huge shout out to Deb W – who was there the entire day…if I missed anyone let me know – (was going off the list of the sign up sheet I had)…

Deb had a great activity where visitors to our both made up mirrors and glued on positive words that described them – so they could “see” themselves in a more positive way…

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