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hey all – we have a special opportunity for all our staff – NHEA is sitting up two seminars about your retirement – please attend – especially all you out there with around 5 years or less in education – you really need to attend this – the choices you make now about your retirement are more important than ever – these two sessions will be on FEB 19 – there will be one session at around 2:45ish (we will decide the exact times at our next exec session) and then one at around 4 for our elementary staff…this company specializes in Public Pensions! – they are SPS - Simplified Pensions Solutions – please come – short present to explain some terms and get you acquainted.

HEY RETIREES  - we will have a special session for you on March  3 RE the PLOP




fresh start

downloadhello all – hope you had a good holiday and Happy New Year…so a few things…

Mega Conference – please consider attending the NEOEA mega conference – this link will show you the sessions and let me know if you are interested – it really is a good conference – there is a session in there about your pension that is geared for new teachers – i heard the presenters speak tonight and i  would encourage every new teacher in the district with 5 or less year so hear them – i am think of lining them up to come speak to us – so if you can not attend the conference look for the announcement.

there is also a cross country ski outing on being sponsored by NEOEA…Saturday Jan. 24 at Chapin Forest…6:00 pm –  it is only 4$…I think they are giving lessons if needed – and the course is lit up at night – as of now – and weather permitting, I will attend…give me a shout if you are interested or will be there…

…your NHEA exec team wants to collect current address and phone numbers for all of you – it came to our attention when sending flowers and the like for some “sunshine” in your times of need that we do not have current addresses and it is making getting you some “sun” difficult – some of you have moved and what not – our sunshine committee has had some flowers and what not returned – thanks for your understanding with this – myself and only one other will have access to the info – FYI…submit below...thank you! – 


heads up…

The Governor would privatize Youngstown City Schools

According to a November 20 Youngstown Vindicator article, the state representative-elect from Youngstown said the Governor told her he would like to shut down Youngstown City Schools and replace the district with a great charter school. Could this happen? That scheme already exists in New Orleans. Look for it in the state budget bill to be unveiled by the Governor in February 2015.

Ohio law provides that charters are privately-operated entities with near zero accountability and transparency. A charterized Youngstown School system would signal that a private, non-transparent, unaccountable system is superior to a publicly-controlled, accountable, transparent system. It would signal that privatization is superior to democracy. It would tell the world that democracy has failed in Youngstown Ohio. What is next? A privatized city council for Youngstown?

Ohioans better wake up to the erosion of democracy via the charter school scheme. If the complete privatization of pubic K-12 education happens, democracy will be history.


5 star local

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lil update for you…NHEA became a 5 star local – here is how we got there…

we have sent reps to NEOEA rep assemblies

reps to OEA rep assemblies

attended NEOEA workshops

sent REPs to the joint Uniserve Council (Nate is Co Chair of this BTW)

we have submitted grant applications – and gotten everyone we have applied for…:-)



value added info…



On Wednesday, the Ohio Department of Education sent information to superintendents and organizations representing educators. (We have posted that email atneoea.org/MembEd/VAemail2014-11-05.pdf and our cover letter at neoea.org/MembEd/letterVAappeals.pdf and included both in the Presidents’ Packet.) Teachers for whom the state is compiling Value Added data were to receive login instructions by Thursday, November 6. They have until Wednesday, November 26, to appeal any incorrect information there. NEOEA’s Representative Assembly urges those teachers to check the posted data and to use the appeals process afforded to them. The appeals process is available at education.ohio.gov/Topics/Data/EMIS/Reporting-Responsibilities/Data-Appeals/2014-Teacher-Value-Added-Appeals.

and if anyone is interested in this…this might be good in lieu of the 5 of 8 issue spoke of in other post...

The Cleveland City Club has a luncheon program on Wednesday, November 19, entitled “Proven Models of Music for Educational Growth.” We have a few seats at this event and are making them available free to presidents and their designees. Information is available atcityclub.org/events/proven-models-of-music-for-educational-growth–2. Please let us know if you or one of your members (perhaps a music educator) are interested in attending; the best way is with an email to desk@neoea.org.

lets get it started in here…

been a while since last post – still reeling from election stuff…disappointed for sure…how so many people are apathetic about their own self interest is beyond me…lowest turnout in 72 years nationally – and in Ohio the vote was “the lowest in modern times”…under 40%…with that said…all of us know a music, art, PE, school nurse, etc…#ohio5of8…if you have not been paying attention – not voting has repercussions…already.

so if you want another chance to get involved…let me know if you are interested – you can take a day for association business in most cases…

Don’t forget—OEA’s next Member Lobby Day is taking place on Wednesday, November 19th.  Before going to meet with your legislators, OEA’s Officers and Government Relations staff will brief you on the latest information regarding student testing (including the “3-year Safe Harbor” bill) and provide details for you to help educate legislators on the importance of preserving the “5 of 8 Rule” in Ohio’s Operating Standards. In addition, the briefing will cover the need to oppose efforts to remove the state teachers single and minimum salary schedule from statute.RSVP for the briefing at OEA Headquarters by clicking here.  Find contact information for your legislators by visiting – www.legislature.state.oh.us.  If you have questions, please contact OEA Government Relations at 1-800-282-1500 x3170 orparsleyj@ohea.org.

The Ohio General Assembly will be back in session the week after the November elections and OEA expects the remainder of 2014 to be a busy time as lawmakers try to complete their legislative work.   Member Lobby Days are an opportunity for OEA members to engage with legislators on issues important to public education.

STAND UP for public education and register for OEA’s next Member Lobby Day scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Join your colleagues at the OEA Headquarters’ Media Center, located at 225 E. Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio at 9:00 a.m. for an hour-long briefing before meeting with your legislators.

**Keep in mind that you are responsible for contacting your legislators to schedule a meeting with them for November 19th.  If possible, try to schedule your meetings after 10:00 a.m.  Find contact info for your legislators by visiting www.legislature.state.oh.us**

If you have questions about OEA’s Member Lobby Day, please email Julie Parsley at parsleyj@ohea.org, or call OEA Government Relations at 1-800-282-1500.