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Lisa Bass was chosen for the America Achieves Fellowship. Someone at ODE nominated her for this Fellowship. We are thrilled to have her chosen to participate in this and represent Nordonia! This is a huge opportunity for educators to be heard and improve our field and she will get to share it with us all! There were only 40 people in the USA who were selected for this fellowship. She went through an extensive application process, multiple interviews, shared a video of her classroom teaching and other questionnaires in the selection process.

NHEA is proud to have her represent us…


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hope this finds you well – i know it has been a busy week and a lil stressful as well – remember to breathe and go to your special calming station…:-)

voting should be done by the end of the day today…was talking to Anne today – and she reminded me that we (the bargaining) team have been with all of this for the entire summer – you all, have just now had it dropped in your laps – I really do appreciate and hear your concerns – but unfortunately this is how it is and the time table we are on…

couple announcements = don’t forget about FCPE please – you can donate here from our site – please consider 1 dollar per pay for public education!!

also – OEA is coming out with a calender app for your phone – will give more details when it goes live!!

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okay – so we now have another organizing tool for NHEA – take a look at our new FB page – there is a link to the left…this is meant to be a way to keep us all a little more connected and in touch with what is going on – locally, at the state level and even nationally…it is not to be a forum for all types of gripes and the like..:-) – those can be sent directly to me – just kidding…:-) – go ahead and “like” us and then recommend to other staff – I want to keep it mostly staff oriented – so lets endeavor to keep it that way…I am working on a way to link our blog updates to this page as well – will see how it goes…




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…well – i guess it is time to dust off web skills and start getting back to keeping up with our site for what is sure to be an interesting year…

Anne and I just got back from the NEOEA summer leadership conference this past week and I will be headed to the Emerging Leader Conference put on by OEA on Aug 4-6…i have been accepted into a “class” within this conference that focuses on leader development…should be a good conference – all this is supported/funded by OEA.

Also check out this site…good information to keep you informed on what is happening in education within Ohio…and don’t forget you can still contribute to the fund below…we have a serious fight on our hands in the governors race in Ohio…not kidding.

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Taken from the Diane Ravitch blog – historical fact – when associations were strong in the country – we were number one economically…

What have unions done for working people? Reduced working hours, improved working conditions. Think of the Triangle Waist Fire. Think of Chinese factories where workers live in dormitories 24/7 and work long hours seven days a week in dangerous conditions.

Here is the CTU statement on the Harris v. Quinn ruling:

” CTU Stands in Solidarity With Home Care Workers in
Wake of Harris v. Quinn Ruling

CHICAGO –Today, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis released the following statement upon the announcing of a decision in the Harris v. Quinn ruling:

“This unfortunate court decision will not deter Illinois health workers from fighting for democracy and employment security nor consumers who deserve to have quality healthcare services. It is ironic that this ruling comes as the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act in which hard won gains are slowly being rolled back,” Lewis said.

“It is therefore fitting that I echo the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said: ‘In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as “right-to-work,” it provides no “rights” and no “works.” Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining…. We demand this fraud be stopped….’

“Harris v. Quinn proves that organized labor must be vigilant and deliberate in our fight against the right-to-work efforts trying to muddy our state and disrupt the quality of life for thousands of citizens. The CTU joins our brothers and sisters impacted by this ruling and stand in solidarity in this fight for economic and social justice.”



charter school misconduct


OEA urges State Auditor to probe allegations of charter school malpractices

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) today called on State Auditor David Yost to look into the serious questions raised by one of its members, Matt Blair, about activities that he observed while teaching at a the Horizon Science Academy in Dayton, Ohio.

In a letter sent yesterday to the State Superintendent and the State Board of Education, Blair said that he witnessed what he believes to be unethical behavior, including “officials pulling at-risk students out of class during standardized testing (and) Turkish men who came in on a Saturday to darken ‘in the answers for students who wrote too lightly’ on standardized tests.”

Blair asked Board members to “determine whether the apparent cheating and other irregularities I witnessed were properly investigated and whether they continue today.”

The initial reaction by officials at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to Blair’s allegations, which first appeared on the OEA website in December, 2013, was to try to put a positive spin on the activities at the charter school. No real effort appears to have been made to investigate Blair’s claims, according to publicly-released documents.

“ODE’s apparent failure to conduct a thorough examination of the issues raised by Matt Blair does not inspire confidence in ODE’s ability to oversee charter school operations,” said OEA President Becky Higgins. “It is for that reason that we urge Auditor Yost to act and to conduct a probe worthy of the serious questions that have been raised.”

The Ohio Education Association represents more than 121,000 teachers, faculty members and support professionals in Ohio’s public schools, colleges and universities.

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C/P from email list…


Lorain County Schools Community Engagement Project: a survey of opinions on charter schools, vouchers and other so-called “reforms”

The school superintendents of Lorain County have set the pace for the public education community in speaking out in regard to the so-called “reforms” that are being imposed on public school districts. Among their many activities is the Lorain County Schools Community Engagement website.

The Engagement Project focused on a survey of 620 registered voters in Lorain County. Among the findings are:

  1. Biggest problem-school funding
  2. Local tax dollars should not go to charter schools
  3. Opposition of vouchers to private schools
  4. Support for pre-school for low income students
  5. The increase in state testing has not helped students

The results of the entire survey can be found on the website.

The rollout of the results took place at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce.

ESC Superintendent Greg Ring and his colleagues have been meeting in various areas of the state to inform those who are interested in replicating the project.


pay attention…

check out Plunderbund this summer as well – follow them.

Think whole school districts can’t be charterized-think again–it has already happened in New Orleans

Change agents seek out major crises or create such to advance their agenda. The privatizers of public education viewed the Katrina disaster as a great opportunity to replace the public common school system in New Orleans with vouchers and privately-run charter schools. The complete transition required only a few years. The lights have been turned out in the all but six public schools in New Orleans. No doubt this token group of public schools will be eliminated in time.

The most democratic of all public institutions has been replaced with privately-held educational fiefdoms. The social compact and sense of community are gone. The choices that parents have in New Orleans are only those that have been created for them. Someone else has determined what is “good for them.”

In Ohio, the average charter school teacher is paid about half as much as public school teachers but the typical for-profit charter school management company operators are getting very, very wealthy. The American people are being duped with the choice propaganda.

At this juncture, readers may be thinking, “It can’t happen here.” The choice program in Ohio in 1999 cost Ohio school districts less than a dozen million dollars. This year, the choice price tag was over $1.14 billion. There is no indication that the exponential growth will slow down in Ohio. The marketing budgets of charter schools and choice promoting groups are astronomical.

The head of the charter school promotion organization in New Orleans is leaving that post to export the New Orleans model to other cities. In view of the political support charter school operators have garnered, no public school district in Ohio is safe from complete charterization. The charter school crowd will be energized by the New Orleans turn of events. No public school district will be safe.

Some Ohio public boards of education will be turning the lights out during this generation, unless the public is made aware of this creeping assault on democracy.

William Phillis
Ohio E & A