NOV elections!!

Hello everyone…download

I trust that those of you that contributed to FCPE have gotten your little token of appreciation from me and OEA for your political action…we need to keep this momentum as we move into November – so please – PLEASE take a look at the attached information

the first link I think is one of the most important – it is the one about Fair Ohio Districts – please take a look – it is Bipartisan in nature and would change how Ohio draws district boundaries – this Gerrymandering of districts needs to come to an end – the party in control at any given time has complete power to redistrict Ohio as it sees fit…the state then lives with this completely party driven decision for the next 10 years…you can find their website here  and a nice flyer about them here along with a lil reminder to teachers about how important elections are to their livelihood!!  You are political just by the profession you choose – TAKE A LOOK.

I have also included a summary of all the issue on the ballot in Summit and Portage Counties – so check it out – there might be issues in your own communities that you SHOULD VOTE ON – so here is an easy way to inform yourself – me and OEA have done the work for you~ for those that live in Cuyahoga Co – I did not have access to that information – sorry…

well over half of all our staff got involved with FCPE – NOW PLEASE GO PUT SOME ACTION INTO PLACE – GO VOTE! – AND YES I AM SHOUTING….:-)

AND…if for some reason you can not make it to the polls – AND you did not contribute to FCPE – it is never too late to purchase a lil forgiveness…:-) – follow the donate to FCPE link to the left…it will also keep me out of your grill…and you won’t have to keep reading these reminders – a win/win for all!

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big thanks…

downloadI want to thank you all for your investment in public education – we rocked it in terms of our FCPE donations – we are up over 100%…!! we went from 27 last year to our present count of 129!!! – these are actual forms in hand – there are even more when you add in any online contributions!!  we met the goal i set and then some – so thank you, really!

wanted you all to know that last Saturday 9/26 i had the chance to sit down with Senator Frank LaRose – we got to talk for about 45 minutes as we “chewed the fat” about education and other social policy…i even “called him out” a bit on some recent votes he cast…hey, someone needs to…:-) – follow NHEA on twitter @nhea2013 for updates…

hope you all have had a great start to the year – i know i have…

see you soon – please stay involved in our association – it makes a difference…and let us know if you need any support – we can’t help if we don’t know.

more cash mobs are on the way – stay tuned!!


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CASH mob success

thanks to all – Pulp was or first stop on the Cash mob circuit – thanks to all that went today…pulp


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my recent article

here is something I put together with Erin Miller that was submitted to the New Leader – hope you agree…


by Nate Loman | President, Nordonia Hills Education Association Published: July 8, 2015 12:00AM

This spring, I had the opportunity to show off Nordonia Schools to a few important people in public education here in Ohio: Bill Lavezzi, the executive director of the Northeast Ohio Education Association; Kim Richards, the president of NEOEA, and Becky Higgins, the president of the Ohio Education Association. While on a listening tour of Northeast Ohio districts, the three of them stopped by Nordonia to talk with a few teachers in two of our buildings, Nordonia High School and Ledgeview Elementary.

While discussing important points in Ohio’s schools, I came to realize that we need to work together as a district and community to better the state of our schools. We need to do what is in the best interest of public education in general and our students in particular.

I see public education as a cornerstone of the democratic process and as of late I am of the opinion that public education is under attack from many fronts. It seems to me those who value public education should find common ground and begin to work together, and I would like to recommend a few ways our community can work together to do what is in the best interest of our students.

The first of these ways is what is being called “Time to Teach, Time to Learn.” This is a movement that is pushing back against all the testing in our schools; we as teachers need time to teach and students need time to learn. I know this was an issue a couple months ago as many in this community had concerns about all the mandated testing. We all know that Nordonia is not the only district in the state that is having these concerns; many superintendents and leaders around Ohio have had similar concerns, and we educators agree.

Numerous community members feel the same. At the Community Expo this past March, NHEA collected signatures from those in this community that have similar concerns. To be clear, we as teachers surely see the value of tests. However, we as educators need to trust their validity and should also be able to process those results to address gaps in achievement. These tests allow for none of this; instead they have created a “gotcha” mentality for our students and staff, especially since the results are not even disseminated to students until the following year. Today’s testing push has even garnered national attention, as USA Today ran an editorial recently about ending the “Test, Blame, Punish” mentality that has taken hold of our schools.

We also all need to take stand against the charter school movement. These schools take away billions in public money from you, the taxpayers, and have no state mandates holding them accountable like public schools do. A local daily newspaper has even done a series covering the lack of transparency in charter schools; these charter schools take nearly a billion dollars annually out of the hands of elected school boards and public districts, negatively impacting educational opportunities for our students.

I am asking that the Nordonia community members to speak out against charter schools. There is a great website called and is part of the Ohio Charter School Accountability Project. Use it to see how much money leaves our district for charter schools. At last check, these schools that score D and F on the Ohio Department of Education rating system take away $300,000 per year from Nordonia students. These charter schools include digital schools, so just because there may not be brick and mortar schools in our community does not mean we are not losing money to charters.

Members of this community want to see their tax money stay within their community and have signed a petition to make their voices heard.

One last item that we need to pressure our Legislature to fix is the school funding system here in Ohio. Our dependency on local taxes has been declared unconstitutional four times by the Ohio Supreme Court. It is time we stop taking this inequity out in our local elections and elect members to the state house from both political parties that support public education. School districts need to plan their budgets without fear of a levy failing. To be most effective, they need a clear picture of their revenue stream. We can help with that if we make our voices heard and reach out to our state officials.

Together we can make a difference. Take action for our students and teachers, and be a proud supporter of the Nordonia Hills City School District.

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scary…pay attention!

and for those without FB…maybe administrators should pay attention as well…just sayin’

Non-educators will learn to supervise teaching and learning by participating in a yearlong program

Bright New Leaders for Ohio Schools-a program that would train persons from various fields, including education, to become principals has been announced.

Would an accountant or engineer, after being trained in an intensive yearlong training mentorship and education program be a better candidate to provide supervision for teaching and learning than a career professional in public education? A program hatched up by a collaborative effort of the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Business Roundtable, and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University will train persons from various fields to be school principals. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a master’s degree in business and a principal’s license.

Could this become a model for entrance into other professions? Why not give an architect a yearlong training program to be a Common Pleas Court Judge; or why not give an electrical engineer a yearlong course to become the head of the Oncology Department at The Ohio State University? Ridiculous? Of course! Then why is it fashionable to train those outside the profession of teaching to be leaders of teachers?

This concoction is another in a long series of “reform” programs that treats the teaching profession as an avocation. The Bright project appears to be modeled after the highly-touted Teach for America project in which selected college graduates are given a five-week training program to become teachers.

A plan to give a school principal a one-year aviation program to be assigned to improve the performance of pilots and air traffic controllers would be held up to ridicule. But the Bright project will be publicized as a creative “reform” and a great success.

Public school teaching, including school administration , is a dignified, honorable, lifelong, professional endeavor and should be treated as such by the Ohio Business Roundtable, Fisher College of Business and the Ohio Department of Education-the Bright project collaborators.

William Phillis
Ohio E & A

donate – DONATE HERE !!!

FCPE 11 logo single - May 2011

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lobby days – testing

if anyone is interested let me know…

and if you need a few good reasons to lobby – here are 10

 OEA’s next lobby day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14.  This lobby day will focus on testing.  We are urging our elected officials to do four things:

• reduce the amount of time spent on student testing,

• address problems in administering  the tests,

• use the data appropriately so it helps students,

• and allow enough time to get the implementation right.

The Senate Education Chair, Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), recently announced the formation of the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing, made up of 28 members including teachers, superintendents and curriculum specialists.  Three of your fellow OEA members were named to the committee.   You can read more about the advisory committee and the work they are doing by clicking here.
To RSVP for the April 14th Lobby Day, please click here.  A briefing from OEA’s officers and lobbyists will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Media Center at OEA Headquarters (225 East Broad Street, Columbus, 43215).  Parking is available at nearby surface lots, in the parking garage just south of the OEA building or at parking meters located on 5th & Broad Streets.
Please be sure to schedule a meeting with your legislators prior to attending lobby day.  Contact information for members of the House and Senate can be found by going to
 Additional OEA Lobby Day Dates
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
(The OEA Legislative Reception has been scheduled for the evening of May 13. More information will be forthcoming, please contact Briana McKay at with questions.)
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 (Tentative)


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something to think about….

take a look/listen to what is happening in Wisconsin – on it’s way to Ohio

and then there is this about all the testing in Ohio – it is making the national scene.

right to work

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downloadhi all – so here is the deal – next Tuesday 3/3 @ 2:45 at the High School and then again on Thursday – 3/5 NHEA is sponsoring discussions of your pension plans – (this is very important for new teachers) – you now have to pick what type of plan you want – there is a choice of three:

  • Defined Benefit Plan
  • Defined Contribution Plan
  • Combined Plan

you have a five year window to pick your plan – so come learn the terms and what each entails…we will have a session at the HS @ 2:45 on 3/3 to accommodate HS and LE staff – THIS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE IN OUR GOOGLE LAB…ROOM 205 and then the next session that day will be a at 4:00 (see below RE the PLOP)…we will come around to other elementary buildings and the middle school at later dates.   YES WE WILL COME TO YOU!!... the next sessions with be on Thursday 3/5 – 3:00 at the Middle School and 4:00 at Ledgeview  –  however – feel free to come to any of the presentations you like or as your schedule permits – but our goal is to come out to all buildings – it will just take a lil more time as we coordinate with our presenters – and speaking of…Our presenters will be from Simplified Pension Solutions.  They are Matt Slain and Mike Clayton

check the Calendar here for more details if you need them…

we will also have a present for those getting close to retirement RE the PLOP! – Partial Lump sum Option


This presentation is dedicated to those within five to seven years of retirement.  Deciding on which option to elect at retirement is the most significant financial decision in a public employee’s life.  Compiling years of service, accounting for purchased time as well as time spent in other public systems can seem like daunting tasks.  The same can be said for evaluating opportunities like the Partial Lump Sum Option Plan (PLOP) and whether or not it is an appropriate decision for your household.  No one ever regrets individualizing their retirement options and taking control of their future.  THIS WILL BE ON MARCH 3 @ 4:00 IN NORTHFIELD AS IT IS MORE CENTRAL TO ALL…WE ARE STILL WORKING ON A LOCATION.


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special ops


hey all – we have a special opportunity for all our staff – NHEA is sitting up two seminars about your retirement – please attend – especially all you out there with around 5 years or less in education – you really need to attend this – the choices you make now about your retirement are more important than ever – these two sessions will be on FEB 19 – there will be one session at around 2:45ish (we will decide the exact times at our next exec session) and then one at around 4 for our elementary staff…this company specializes in Public Pensions! – they are SPS – Simplified Pensions Solutions – please come – short present to explain some terms and get you acquainted…SPS presented to another association and here is an example of what to expect:

  • What are the three pension plan options available to an Ohio STRS/SERS employee?
  • What do all of the different acronyms stand for on my annual pension statement?
  • How do they calculate the percentages found on my annual pension statement?
  • Will all of the changes to the pension plan over the last few years impact me and my family?
  • All of the information is intended for everyone regardless of experience.  In fact, it may be more valuable for those just beginning their careers.
  • The presenters  ARE NOT 403(b) vendors and are not there to solicit products.  

HEY RETIREES  – we will have a special session for you on March  3 RE the PLOP




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