been awhile…

hello everyone – been awhile since i have updated this site – but here you go…cropped-images-2.jpg

some opportunities await:

  1. please consider attending the NEOEA mega conference – it really is a good conference – I have attended the last couple/threeish years and the session are short and sweet – goes from about 9 -12:00 or so – lunch is optional – and you can get one grad hour…the date is Saturday March 12 at Corporate College (intersection of 480 and 271)
  2. Legal advice/help – if you recall last year NHEA sponsored the retirement planning guys to come for presentations to staff – this year we are arranging a legal present – this attorney is in our attorney referral program through OEA and has worked with out staff in the past he is very education/teacher friendly – ┬áhe will be coming around to buildings to talk about probate issues (wills, power of attorney, etc) and domestic law – it will be short and to the point – we will be lining this up with your building 10 minute meetings.
  3. we have another cash mob coming up at Chick Fil A – check your email for deets…download

hope this finds you well – happy new year !!

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